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In Topic: Still Not A Re-build, just fixin' things

11 February 2022 - 04:22 AM

I think I found my starting problem on the motor end of the ground strap.
Turns out the bolt wasn't tight
Cleaned the connection and put some grunt into the bolt and haven't had a problem since.
Cheap fix.

In Topic: Still Not A Re-build, just fixin' things

04 January 2022 - 05:56 AM

Happy New Year Everyone.

Got an unexpected present from my son at Xmas. Daughter (living at home) Positive, me and wife negative, but still had to quarantine. All of us (except son) double vaccinated.

Today is first day out since Xmas after a negative rapid test.

Rules changed again Monday but I thought FxxK it I have things to do


Split the cases and do the chain without cutting it. Or .. I think there is a tool available to do the rivets.

Regards fuel economy... Working EGR is worth a couple of mpg when on cruise.
Also, using gears to slow down utilises fuelcut on decel. That saves a little fuel too.


Got brave, borrowed a tool and riveted it. Case split was too hard and as cases are factory matched a bit hazardous if you get it wrong. There is no gasket of course.

I'm trying to work out why it's always been so hard to start at the moment


EGR I must look into.


Currently replacing all the struts with KYG excel G which is what was on it, the rears even had mitsubishi part numbers.

Did rears with car on ground. Love the RVE clearance. Luckily dust covers were still flexible enough to get off and back on without tearing.

Got Nolethane bump stops for the back, which fitted after trimming a little off the tops. (Bloody hard stuff too)

Waiting a KYB SB 5057 boot and bump stop kit for the fronts.

Trish at SA suspension Centre was a great help. as was Beth at KYB in Melbourne, in tracking these down.


Forgot to mention I replaced the starter motor as it was still turning very slowly after replacing the battery.

Brand new one so I hope it isn't causing this!

I now have an intermittent fault where the car will click when the key is turned but the starter doesn't go.

It starts eventually (so far) after several attempts but it's a worry.

Battery terminals cleaned and spotless and tight. (first thing to check always for electrical faults)

Next step might be the starter relay?

When you think about it the car is now 25 years old so got to expect a few bits failing?


Ah well I guess I'm slowing down too and I must expect a few things to wear out eventually

In Topic: Still Not A Re-build, just fixin' things

01 August 2021 - 10:38 AM

I thought the bang was going to be valves when you said harmonic balancer. Phew!

Late reply sorry bout that Jack

I've heard they don't go bang when that happens, they just stop, Still bang is not a good sound.

I've decided to just keep HSGR, as I can't see anything modern I want to drive.
Maybe when I get too old to drive it will be a collectible car. I see 1988 VR4's coming out of Japan for $12,500 recently.


Just replaced the front disc pads and rotors on Friday. it was worth doing. Again my friendly mechanic let me use a hoist while his apprentice was away.
Pleasant day without too much stress. Cleaning off the rust was the most time consuming bit. Replaced the brake fluid too, as I was feeling a bit guilty about that. 


Next job is to buy some new suspension struts as the front LH one has let go. Probably get KYB's as they were OEM.

Then 200.000 Km service later this year and replace timing belts etc as per usual, plus maybe a couple of oil seals.


Still has the occasional lifter rattle maybe I'll replace them too, or is it a case of not original without the lifter noise?


Having had some computer problems I'm going to have to reinstall my ASA but windows10 or whatever they call it now doesn't seem to respond to the crack

I'll have to put it on my Linux computer as I'm sure i had it on before and it worked OK.

Going to have to go and read the instructions on how to do it. (it was along time ago)


The VR4 is out in the rain ATM as the shed has a Kawasaki ZXR 250 having a timing chain replaced. (for a few too many months now)

Anyone know how to re-rivet a tiny morse chain that has to rotate at 19,000 rpm? I have no confidence in my ability to do that just now.


Hope everyone is coping with lockdowns etc and staying COVID safe. Get the Vax as soon as you can. Had my second AZ couple of weeks back.

Keep safe and don't lick anyone.