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In Topic: Auto problem

08 July 2019 - 02:12 AM

Hey guys ive got an ssg

Replaced the autobox with a hsg one thinking it that the ssg one had a problem as it took alot of revs to get it going so
Guess what same thing happened it still taking some revs to get it going???


1st in D is just 1st clutches. Physical 1st is 1st & a one way sprag = stronger launch

2nd is 1st & 2nd on together. You say 2nd is ok. So the 2nd band hasn't broken

D 3rd is 1st & 3rd clutch packs on & 4th on as well. Could be 3rd & 4th clutches slipping
You haven't mentioned 4th gear Yet. Does it go into 4th ?

4th gear is the 2nd gear band clamping the barrel & 4th clutches

If 4th doesn't work >

Drain the fluid. Take the side cover off. Remove the 4th pack & inspect it

If shagged, buy 4 clutches. If plates are twisted, buy those 3 plates

Buy Ford 95 fluid. Wet the 4th clutches before puting the 4th pack together

Put 4-5ltr fluid in & start it. Put it through all gears while warming it up idling

Then check the dip stick idling in N. Keep topping it up until it is at hot  full

3-4mm over is ok. But not under.

Drive it mild using D & turn 4th on/off mega with no load.

You should be back up & running.



Ask for Part# D42111 Magna Tm etc 4 & 6cyl use the same 4th
These are the best Dynax Exedy brand clutches
Don't drive it until the dip stick reads right.
Eg: A GTA bone dry box & convertor takes 10.5ltr of fluid
Those dip sticks will show oil on one side & bone dry on the other
The fluid on the tube wall can fuck you up & kill the clutch packs

In Topic: Going to turbo an NA RVR

30 October 2018 - 10:04 AM

if the rear diff has a label 3.545 it's a non turbo 3.8 auto box. 3 bolt flex plate.