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Battery draining fast?

02 January 2019 - 10:13 PM

Hi guys

I don't drive my E1 much. Perhaps once every fortnight. Often the battery is dead and needs to be put on a charger. 


However, given the recent holidays, I've driven it a couple of days in the week. It seems my battery (perhaps a year old) drains to the point where it clicks (doesn't crank) within 3-4 days. 


My guess is that there's something draining it that fast. Any ideas? It has an alarm, but I checked with the installer and he thinks the battery would only drain over about 2 weeks, not 3-4 days.


I've noticed the door light stays on (but gets brighter when the door opens). Could that be a factor?



Factory foglight pictures?

01 November 2018 - 10:53 PM


I'm looking for close up pictures of the factory fog light set up. 


I have a set of the bigger Super Oscar style lights and am going to try to fit them.


The parts diagrams seem to suggest there is mesh behind them. Is that the case?


Using the factory foglight button, is there a loom the lights plug into? Or does this need to be custom? 



WTAC 2018

25 September 2018 - 11:03 PM

Anyone going this year?


Last year we got 4 cars (E1, E2 and 2x E3) together. 


Would be great to meet a couple of others on this forum and early car owners more generally.



Electrical issues - E1?

23 September 2018 - 10:49 PM

Hi guys

The battery on my E1 went dead flat from not being used for a few months (trickle charger must have failed).


Since putting in a new battery, two things seem to have happened

1. the open door light stays on, but gets brighter when the door is open

2. the climate control display doesn't work for the first few minutes, but then seems to come on after a while. The climate control otherwise functions normally.


Any idea what these issues are and how to fix them?



WTB: HKS Hiper exhaust

20 August 2018 - 02:09 AM

Hi guys

Remote chance, but wanted to see if anyone had an HKS Hiper cat back lying around?


Always wanted one of these back in the day and they don't make them any more.