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In Topic: Kando dynamics T67-25G

29 May 2018 - 06:35 AM

The engine was running low on ignition advance in the high load areas of the map and therefore limiting the amount of boost we could feed the engine. Additional boost wouldn't have been safe so there was no point pushing any further. Engine wasn't very knock sensitive and IAT never went into the 30's. 

In Topic: Kando dynamics T67-25G

28 May 2018 - 11:19 PM

Just had the car tuned with a TD06sl2-25G on the following setup:



98 RON

Forged 2L (9:1 comp) vr4 engine

GSC 268 cams

Large A2W cooler



245kw @ 19psi,

258kw @ 22psi,


Full boost is ~ 4500rpm with peak power @ 7000rpm. The additional 3psi doesn’t make a whole lot more “peak” power but the results show a decent amount of additional area under the curve. Power tapers off to 240kw at the 7700rpm limiter. All results on a dynapack hub dyno.



Certainly decent power but it gets you thinking how half the internet achieves better results with GT2871r’s and Td05 20g’s. I personally would prefer a smaller turbo at this power level.

In Topic: Timing drift issue

10 April 2018 - 09:16 AM

Thanks for the replies Baz,


Tigger is locked to falling edge in the software, Home is adjustable and set to falling edge also. 


Ecu is setup to run sequential injection and direct fire ignition, could this be a problem with the stock CAS.


What Injection mode are you running with your individual coil setup?

In Topic: My VR4 Cordia

19 March 2018 - 03:12 AM

Thanks guys!


Turbo was removed to reposition the coolant feed and return lines to the lower galleries, this keeps them clear of heat from the manifold and rear housing while remaining short and out of the way. The speedflow fittings have just enough room, I’m happy with how the lines turned out.
While the turbo was out, it made sense to start on the new water pipe while I had access to the area (the stock pipe had clearance issues with the larger compressor housing). This became more difficult when I found 35mm SS tube was not really available in Aus, the quickest option was to make my own, this can be seen on the lathe in my last post. Anyhow this is what I’ve come up with…..the new water pipe clears the compressor housing, is made of SS and allows for a 6an return line, dimensions are 34.5x1.2mm.
Fuel rail modified with a weld in 6an bung, this removes the restriction in the factory Galant line.
A few shots I took while welding the radiator, 
Here are some bungs I made on the lathe, the large M10x1.25 is the radiator drain while the 3 M6x1.0 bungs will be used as grounding points to eliminate stray current corrosion on the aluminium heat exchangers.   
The power circuit is all 2awg and wired as follows:
Positive -
Battery > Alternator > Starter > Factory ignition loom (all piggybacked) 
Ground -
Battery > Chassis, Battery > Block, Block > Chassis. 
Here’s a shot of the electrically busy side of the bay, the ecu loom is broken down into individual circuits and looks basass!
Custom made MSD ignition leads
With the injection, ignition and fuel sorted, I set the trigger angle and got the engine started. Just had to play around with the ecu as the electrical side of things is no longer compatible with the vr4 basemap or pinout config. It was so nice to finally hear the exhaust after all the hard work, as a bonus it sounds so damn sweet! 
Thus far everything is mechanically sound and the engine is ready for the dyno, much more to come.

In Topic: Brake Upgrades

18 March 2018 - 10:40 PM

Are the awd magna brakes an upgrade?


Are you referring to the TJ AWD Magna?


if so, they run a cast iron twin pot caliper (with the wider spacing on the bracket IIRC) and 5 lug 294mm rotors.