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Build time!

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Hey everyone i havnt posted for a while and decided too

I got this rvr hsg 2 ish 3 years ago from a nice guy in nsw.This is the car that had the evo 7 ecu put in to it. should be a post about it somewhere in this forum. the car was tuned by mio

When i first got it it was not running right so i fixed all that up it ran so well till now.

Anyways mio took me for a ride in his stroker evo and it was a insane car it got me thinking maybe it time for me to take it there.

Ive got wisco pistons 9.1 compression Manley rods and eagle crank it worked out to be a 2.3L stroke

Car still it 272 cams ive changed the exhaust to 3.5inch turbo back and a intercooler that is massive just cause i can. Has a haltech now flexfuel is up and running

Is there any advice i should take in account when putting this together?

The block is at the machine shop getting bore to 85.5 and decked20190906_235323.jpg 20190819_185547.jpg 20181107_001841.jpg 20190905_210039.jpg 20190903_172603.jpg 20180330_030846.jpg



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How is your rebuild going?

I'm having my RVR Hyper Sports Gear R that I've owned for 18 years brought back to life. It's been at the mechanic since October 2019 and so far has this done to it.

New Strut top mounts replaced
New super low sport springs - Pedders
New Pedders struts
Rear engine mount
Left engine mount
Replaced fuel tank
Centre driveshaft bearing
Tie rod rack end
Repaired boost controller solenoid connection
Replacement battery
Replace positive and negative battery terminals
New lockable fuel filler cap
Inner left CV boot replaced
New Permaseal rocker cover gasket
New rear brake pads
New valve stem seals
New wiper blades front screen
New cam timing belt
New cam belt tensioner
New multi alloy replacement head gasket (previously graphite)
New head bolts
New Turbocharger gasket
Thermostat replacement
Thermostat gasket
Oil flush
Oil change
Oil filter replacement
Replace top and bottom radiator hoses
Replace ignition leads
Replace radiator cap
Replace sump plug
Replace oil fill cap
Replace air filter
Replace fuel filler cap
Cooling system flush and replace
Cooling system pressure test
Brake fluid change
Check brakes and pads
Machine discs
Replace front brake pads
Spark plugs gap and replace
Replace radiator support top mounts
Replace air filter
New P/S belt
New alternator belt
New water pump belt
New lower timing belt
New air conditioner belt
Replace wiper arms and blades

Southside cylinder head
Cam tunnels warped( overheated)
Stem seals hard and cracked.
Exhuast guides worn out.
Hot tank and crack(pressure) check.
Head re surfaced and seats re cut thoughout
Injectors removed, cleaned and serviced. New injector o rings.
Replaced all perished rubber suspension components.
Walbro GSS342 fuel pump upgrade
New gearbox outer oil seal.
Replacement Recaro seats bottoms.

It's been off the road since 2012, so it's been quite a long, slow process to find and source the parts needed.

Once the mechanical work is complete, the only thing is the usual roof rust to be done and it will be ready to go.

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