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Word filter

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i just read through this post and loved it. you've hit the nail right on the head.
my nephew used to text me in abbreviations all the time untill i started doing it back to him and he couldn't understand it.!

interesting that none of the "offenders" have come to defend themselves . . .




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I would love to read that study, sounds like it could be another high quality study from Monash university.

txt spk had its day, with the old Nokirea's before predictive text messaging, when double and triple tapping meant spelling a word took two dozen indentation's to the thumb.

anyone who is using it now either,

  • has a 10 year old Nokia (with internet access??)
  • too retarded to spell or < 6 years old)
  • too lazy to hit the extra fucking key
  • thinks it makes them look cool to teh chicks
  • their friends do it, so they do it to fit in (see retards, they group together)

it just plain makes whoever is typing it look like lazy fuck. doesn’t matter if the word is spelt wrong, lest you managed the motor skills to hit the fucking key.

Yeah you tell them morons, bro! They make car enthusiasts look dumb, lazy and illiterate.
It really doesn't help our image. Especially when it's not true. At least in my case I know it's not true. I'm sure I'm not the only car enthusiast who has had a decent education. Nor do I want others to think the worse of our community. Many of us can do things the average person can't. Why downgrade our image anymore by being too darn lazy to press a key to type a word. It's not even an EXTRA key as it is a part of the word so can't be classified as an "extra".
as little and insignificant as it may seem, a key here, an abuse there, a lil road rage somewhere else. Suddenly all modified car drivers are dumb, rude, troublesome people and suddenly everyone is against us. nothing anything anyone of us does is insignificant. It will make a difference one way or another. If not now, then at some point later. If not significant to you, then to another person.
A young person may jump on and may start to believe that it's normal and accepted in society to write that way and their english will deteriorate. I must admit that even at times I find myself accidentally writing like that on official documents. An employer would find you lazy or dumb and probably won't employ you.
See how something so insignificant can make a huge difference to someone insignificant to you but there are repocussions wether slight or not.




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Is this how every person who owns a modified car wants to be associated with?



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Grammar was ok in the 50s when I started school. I hope spell check fucken removes UMs, ERMs & stuttering and and all that shit.
Cheers !



    Uses thread locker.

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I see this is as big a problem as ever, the FB generation are next level le'tarded.

HID stands for "High Intensity Discharge", or if you dont adjust them properly, "Hi I'm a Dickhead".

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