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Help me identify which wheel nuts I should use

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Hey all,

I have the Dymag ralliart mags, which, to be fair, have been an absolute pain for many years. I have finally got some m12x1.5 wheel studs that fit the things, but I cannot for the life of me work out which wheel nuts to use.


I've uploaded some pictures of the holes in the wheels.


I used to have some larger diameter conical seat nuts, which I used when the wheel studs were 12x1.5. You can see in this picture the wear mark they have made.




However, obviously this seat is some distance from the hub itself. There is a good 15mm depth between the edge of what looks like the seat and the bottom of the hole.




Also in the previous picture, at the bottom of the hole is what looks like a ball seat. The current wheel nuts I have are conical seat and fit perfectly into the hole, however, they obviously do not mate well with the ball shaped seat.





Finally a picture of the hole from above :




The hole is just over 20mm in diameter.


To begin with I assumed there would be some kind of ball seat lug which fit inside the hole, however, as I have looked at pictures of galants with these wheels fitted it appears there is a larger nut that would logically mate with the surface in picture one.

Many pictures of ralliart rims do have the outer edges of the holes chewed out though. So I'm not certain.


I guess the question is - what do people think the actual mating surface is meant to be; the ball seat or the edge of the hole?

Would ET style (eg, a  conical seat with extra thread) make sense in this case? Any other suggestions?





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Only solution is to sell them to me dirt cheap :)

jack be nimble

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I think this style. The collar nearly down to the hub and the shoulder onto the lower seat. If it fits
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