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4GTuner Ground Rules

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4GTuner would like to try and not enforce any rules on any members of the forum. But to keep conflict away here are a few ground rules (see more information below):

1. No slagging/putting down of fellow members.
2. No severly off-topic posts
3. No hijacking of threads
4. No personal attacks.

- Rules may be changed/added without prior notice.

Following this are the rules for the community forum of Team4G.com. The rules take the shape of the Letter of the Law followed by a short Spirit of the Law, breaking either can be constituted as a breach and will be dealt with as such. At the end is a short listing of punishments.

4GTuner Ground Rules

Personal attacks, being threats of violence or asinine and/or demeaning remarks are banned explicity from all forums excluding "Members Rides" where the Member has not made a specific complaint to the moderators and the exception is within their own specific thread.

This includes but is not specific to remarks such as "I'll smash you in the face when I meet you" and/or similar. Also inclusive of "You're a complete and utter f***". Items such as "You have no idea what you are on about" or "You're a moron" in relation to a constructive criticism of a post where explicit language is not used will not be construed as a malicious personal attack.

Thread continuity is to be retained where possible. Posts that stray too far off topic will be split from the topic and removed without warning, follow up posts will also be split and removed. Repeat offenders will suffer the punishments given to Ground Rule violators.

If you feel the need to spout something useless in an otherwise informative technical information thread, we fully expect to jump down your throat. Please use your head and understand that a thread that is in every way useful does not need to be contaminated by a "Hi joe" post or similar. If you feel the need to do this, either PM or start a new thread in off topic or general chat. Off topic is exempt to this rule, General chat will have lax implementation.

Images posted to a thread must be viewable by a majority audience in places such as work and home. Explicit photos and other images otherwise construed to be "Not work safe" must be CLEARLY marked "NWS" "NSFW" or similar or the entire post will be removed without notification and the poster specifically reprimanded.

Pornography will not be tolerated on this server anywhere, please do not post it even with a NSFW badge as I am forced by the hosting conditions to remove it. I will also put it to the administration committee (moderators) that you should be removed for repeat offenses. Pornography in this instance is total nakedness, waist down nakedness and "hardcore" photos, this includes cartoons.

All posts uploaded to 4gTuner by members are considered to be public property and will not be removed under any circumstance unless they are found to be contravening the rules.
When a member chooses to leave the forum all of his/her posts will remain on the forum as in most cases removing them will take away from the continuity of threads.

4GTuner Members Rides Rules

Each thread within Members rides is considered to be the explicit property of the threads starter and can be semi moderated with approval of the moderation team to their liking. Personal attacks started in these threads will not be acted upon if the thread starter either deliberately makes a fool of themselves opening the way to majority opinion of being a complete waste of time or the thread starter themselves deliberately attacks another. The moderation team will not remove or split posts from a members ride unless the member themselves specifically asks they be removed.

4GTuner For Sale Rules

Please refer http://4gtuner.com/s...read.php?t=2821

We would appreciate the use of the new template.


Punishments are generally specific to the offense and decided upon by the entire moderation team. If you specifically break the rules, your post will be moderated and a copy of it and a comment is posted to the moderation forum for review by the moderation team. If it is then decided that you deserve a punishment the review process generally follows this path:

First Warning, Second Warning, Three day Ban, Repeat Warning, Seven Day Ban, Month Ban, Final Warning, Deletion and Sitelock

As I said above however, you may be issued with extra warnings, you may go straight to a ban or you may not get anything at all. For sale posts that don't adhere for instance will simply be removed with nothing said, major personal attacks may proceed directly to a three day ban and complementary email. Your previous history is kept for all time and you will progress up the ladder from wherever your last offense was depending on severity and time since last offense.

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Please read these people!

BTW... does anyone else have a sore ass??

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Members rides> http://4gtuner.com/s...read.php?t=1910

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